More on Prolotherapy Research and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy


Marc Darrow, MD, JD

This post is sort of a footnote, conclusion or afterthought to the previous Prolotherapy related article: The body for the most part, responds by its natural process of inflammation and repair. To me personally, this makes Prolotherapy related tratments all the more compelling overall. Impressively, inflammation and release of growth factor in the area of the injury can result in a powerful thirty to forty percent strengthening of the attachment points, the article adds, strong scientific evidence support…..

Many Doctors Don’t Know What Prolotherapy is

I still find it surprising that so many physicians out there do not seem to know much about prolotherapy as well as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy which can be so very powerful. All in all, I predect in the future that Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy will take on a much bigger role than it now occupies and will become substantially more broadly known than it is now.

The treatment may be recommended for recurrent swelling or fullness involving a joint or muscular region, or popping, clicking, grinding, or catching sensations with movement, recurrent headache, face pain, jaw pain, ear pain, as well as other conditions.

A Cochrane review of the medical literature as of January 2004, reports Wikipedia, was quoted as stating the aformentioned facts. Some may ask, what about shoulder surgery and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or prolotherapy? Rehabilitation and physical therapy following shoulder surgery depends on each case. It is contingent upon how the damage was repaired, the age of the patient, and other factors.

Rehab exercises are introduced in phases and run from passive range of motion exercises, active-assisted range of motion, full passive motion, and so forth to full functional strengthening exercises. This usual encompasses a 4-phase graduated program over the course of about 3 months.


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