Motorcycle Accidents Number in the Thousands Annually

By Michael P. Ehline, Esq. – Motorcycle accidents number in the thousands annually, even though there are more and more motorcycle riders on the roads. Vehicle drivers should be competent driving on the same roadways, this is not always the case. There are motorcycle accidents where the driver swears they did not see the rider until the collision. Then there are driver’s that decide since the motorcycle is small and does not take all of the space in a lane they do not need to observe the same courtesy they would for another vehicle. This is especially dangerous for the motorcycle rider that is in traffic with this driver. Drivers also think that motorcycles do not need the same amount of stopping room as other vehicles and that is just not true according to most accident attorneys at Ehline Law Firm.

Different Types of Motorcycle Accidents

There are other types of motorcycle accidents of which intersections are dangerous for the motorcycle rider, making turns the motorcycle can be in the drivers blind spot and some drivers think a motorcycle rider is going to go faster and so it means they don’t have to really stop at the stop sign. Many drivers are under the impression that the motorcycle rider is a thrill seeker and therefore can maneuver around the driver.

These are reasons why motorcycle accidents number in the thousands annually and fatalities are a part of these statistics. These motorcycle accidents happen across the country and Hawthorne, California is no different, because there are drivers on the freeways that do not give the motorcycle rider the same courtesy they would another car on the freeway.

When a motorcycle rider is injured in an accident they are subject to far more critical injuries than the driver in a vehicle. The rider has a helmet for protection and when the motorcycle is hit the rider is thrown to the pavement, there are no airbags, seatbelt or metal cage to protect them like the driver of a vehicle.

What Can a Hawthorne Motorcycle Accident Victim Do?

The one way the Hawthorne motorcycle accident victim can get their message across to this type of driver is after an accident to have their rights protected by an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. This is an attorney that will investigate the accident and hold the driver and their insurance company responsible for the negligence of the driver for the injuries caused to the motorcycle rider and the damages to their bike.  If you were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, contact the motorcycle attorney at Ehline Law Firm. 633 W. 5th St. #2890 Los Angeles, CA 90071; 213.596.9642.


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