Electricity and Humans Don’t Mix


Electricity and humans do not mix, in most situations electricity is needed at home and at work, but when the human body comes in contact with bare wires, defective appliances and workplace dangers can all cause electric shock. An electric shock can cause serious or even fatal injuries, depending on the amount of voltage and the location the skin comes in contact with the electric voltage. The result of low voltage electric shocks are burns, and often will have an entrance wound and an exit wound, from where it enters the body and where the electricity exits.

Electrocution is a Serious Type of Injury

This is a serious type of injury, even if it does not seem like there was damage done to the body other than the burn from contact with the electricity. Immediate medical care should be the first thing that is done, because there can be internal injuries and the burn on the skin can become infected without medical care. That alone can pose a dangerous threat to the person, since the risk of infection is high. In some cases with an electric shock at a high enough voltage there can be damage done to the tissues, muscles and vital organs or bones can be fractured. In the worst cases with high voltage electricity it can be deadly.

Electric Shock

Electric shock is one of the injuries that can happen at home or in the work place, especially in industrial areas like San Bernardino, CA. This is usually an injury due to a faulty appliance, dangerous workplace or utility wires that have fallen because they were not secured properly. in most cases the electric shock or electrocution is due to negligence and that means that you should have your rights or the rights of a loved one protected by an electric shock attorney.

This is an attorney that has experience in these types of injuries and who will go after the negligent party to hold them accountable for your injuries or the death of a loved one. Utility companies, manufacturers and at the workplace, they are responsible for safety practices and when they do not keep people safe from suffering an electric shock or electrocution they can be held responsible for their actions or non-actions.

Electricity and humans don’t mix and the best way to hold the negligent party responsible is with the representation of the San Bernardino attorney with experience in representing clients and family’s that have suffered electric shock or electrocution.


Worker Deaths By Electrocution

Electrical Safety



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